Data Analysis Lab

The Data Analysis Lab is equipped with hardware and software capable of analyzing complex quantitative data collected from human populations focusing on health, food safety, dietary habits and physical activity.

data1-2Facilities and Resources:

  • Three data management rooms comprising 1200 total square feet
  • 2- Opscan 8 Scantron Optical Mark Reader (OMR) scanners and requisite software capable of custom design, creation and scanning of dual-sided ink and pencil administered survey questionnaires.

Statistical software capabilities including:

  • Predictive Analytics Software (PASW formerly SPSS)
  • SAS
  • HLM

data2-2Qualitative data analytical software including:



  • One M.S. Research Associate
  • Three Ph.D. students
  • Two M.S. students
  • Undergraduate Research Assistants (min. 5 max. 8)

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