Institute Facilities


The Institute for Obesity Research and Program Evaluation is located within the Centeq Building of the Texas A&M University Research Park.  Our facilities consist of three research laboratories, a conference room, and offices for institute personnel.

Sensory Lab
The Food Preparation, Product Development, and Sensory Evaluation
Laboratory comprises approximately 450 sq. ft. of food preperation and storage equipment along with four isolation booths with computer terminals for data input by panelists.

Research Lab
TheScientific Research Laboratory is equipped to perform research on bioactive compounds in plant foods, herbs and dietary supplements, to identify and evaluate their role for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and other obesity related diseases.

Data Analysis Lab
The Data Analysis Laboratory is equipped with hardware and software capable of analyzing complex quantitative data collected from human populations focusing on health, food safety, dietary habits and physical activity.

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