Nivedita Banerjee – Graduate Research Assistant

Nivedita Banerjee, M.S.

Doctoral Student & Graduate Research Assistant

Contact Information
Phone: 979‐458‐1823

Pursuing a PhD. in Toxicology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX expected 2012

Research Interest
Nivedita Banerjee’s research is focused on phytochemicals in fruit and vegetables, and their potential health benefits against cancer and obesity related diseases. Nivedita’s current research is to investigate gene transcriptional regulation modified by botanical extracts using an in vitro cell culture system and validating with in vivo animal models. Her focus is on inflammatory markers as well as, novel molecular pathways involved in apoptosis and angiogenesis. This research will provide the scientific basis for establishing the efficacy and safety of these natural compounds used in the prevention of chronic diseases.

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