Former Student/Staff

Nicholas Ng

Graduate Research Assistant
Food Science M.S. Student

Kassi Beasley(Jewell)

Graduate Research Assistant
Nutrition M.S. Student

Jennifer Becker

Graduate Research Assistant
Food Science and Technology M.S. Student

Jennifer Fancher, M.S.

Dietetic Intern
Texas A&M

I am currently living in Temple, Texas. Upon completion of my Master’s Degree, in August, I began my Dietetic Internship through Texas A&M. I am currently in the second half of the Internship with plans to become a Registered Dietitian in May.

I would like to remain in the clinical setting for a few years, not only for the experience, but also to give me time to decide what area I would like to specialize in. I would like to remain in Temple and work in one of the hospitals in the area.

Rachel Condie, Ph.D.
Food Surveys Research Group
Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center Agricultural Research Service, USDA

I work with the NHANES nutritional data- What We Eat in America. I am a food expert working with food group equivalents (half of an equivalent of fruit, 2 equivalents of protein).

Clint B. Daily
University of Houston
Conrad N. Hilton College
Clinical Professor- Food ProductionWe cover food safety, including microbiology, Big 8 allergens, haccp, with proper storage and handling processes.

We cover food chemistry discussing food matrices and the precursors to rancidity in oils and the Maillard reaction Starch composition/gluten and behaviors in baked products. Volatile aromatics and sensory perceptions.

We cover kitchen all aspects of management, how to build a menu & cost it out to create various profit margins based on banquet, catering, and restaurant operations.

We also learn the basics in Culinary Arts including food identification, meat & fish fabrication, stocks, soups, & sauces, cooking starches, vegetables and meats. Also covering, Asian, French, Mediterranean and Latin cuisines.

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