Texas Food & Nutrition Questionnaire

TEXFAN_coverpage_rightThe Texas Food and Nutrition (TEXFAN) questionnaire was developed to examine Texas WIC participants’ food/beverage consumption patterns and attitudes before and after the rollout of the new WIC food package. Over 6,800 questionnaires were returned from WIC participants in 2009 before the changes, and over 6,900 were returned in 2010, a little over six months after the food package changes. Every local agency participated, and over 90% of the questionnaires were completed.

Statewide and individual local agency reports were generated based on these results. This set of reports now includes WIC participants’ responses after the changes to the food package.

Thank you for all your help in making TEXFAN a success. We hope that the reports will help increase your knowledge and understanding of your participants’ dietary consumption and feeding patterns.

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For technical assistance please email Kyle Rabe or call (979)845-1136.
If you have questions about the content of the reports, please contact Asha Girimaji or Cassie Diep.
If you have any suggestions for improving the reports, please contact Carol Spaulding.

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